We are officially over ten years old! Our company is young, energetic and promising. Many of the company’s employees have been in the industry for over twenty years and have extensive experience. For ten years we have been proudly bearing the name “OPORA-PROM-OIL”! During this period of time, many interesting events took place. The people at the origin of the company brought to life the idea of ​​designing and manufacturing well screens. The younger generation of specialists has picked up this and is now carrying it on, making a useful contribution to the Russian oil and gas industry. Thanks to our vast experience in the production and supply of downhole equipment for oil and gas companies in Russia and the near abroad, we have earned the reputation of reliable manufacturers. In Russia, we are known to all companies that have ever resolved the issue of sand production in oil, gas or water production. We are always ready to help with advice, consultation, express analysis, recommendations and, of course, high-quality well filters.

The principles of our work are simple:

Strategic planning: management, production, interaction with SUPPLIERS and CUSTOMERS.

“Think like a CUSTOMER” – All managers organize their work in order to increase the value of our filters for the buyer.

Continuous improvement in all aspects of our organization. Active involvement of personnel in the processes of improving production and administration.

We produce as much as the CUSTOMER needs, and only when required. This is achieved through long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers.

We reduce losses in production, transportation and information exchange. The price of a product is set by the market, not by the organization.

Transparency, We are always open to our CUSTOMERS, who place their orders and wish to control the production process of downhole filters.

Safety is a priority when making decisions on changing any process in technical, economic, environmental, social terms.

          The corporate culture is built on the basis of respect for each person. We respect competence, dignity, responsibility, talent, this allows us to achieve high production results.

           Quality at every stage of the life cycle of our products. Using lean manufacturing methods, we combine all processes into a single stream. This allows you to timely prevent the occurrence of marriage and eliminate its causes.

            We make decisions based on facts. We record all events, study, analyze, discuss and only then make decisions about changes.

            Long-term relationships are the key to the prosperity of the company and business in general. Therefore, we clearly share risks, costs, make a quick exchange of information, both with CUSTOMERS and SUPPLIERS of all levels.

            We comply with standards, regulations, instructions, technical specifications and other documents necessary for continuous quality improvement.