The centralizer is installed on the casing pipe between two retaining rings. The use of centralizers provides a uniform gap between the casing and the wellbore walls, which improves the quality of cementing of the main string and prevents damage to completion assemblies (filters, annular packers, hydraulic fracturing sleeves, etc.) when running the liner.


1Nominal diameter of the casing, mm102…473
2Nominal diameter of the wellbore into which the centralizer is installed, mm122…584
3Inner diameter of the centralizer along the rings, mm104…480
4Outer diameter of the centralizer along the rings, mm112…488
5Outer diameter of the centralizer along the opposite centering strips (springs), mm122…584
6Centralizer length, no more, mm650
7Number of centering strips (springs), pcs6…10
8Width of the centering bar (springs), mm30…56
9Weight, kg2,5…13
10The number of full straightening of the spring before breaking, not less, times1000
11Maximum tensile force to break, not less, kN98
12Maximum compressive force to irreversible deformation, not less, kN58